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TypeTogether's primer lettering, font usage and tailored typography.
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We are delighted to present our latest release, Toshi Omagari's Marco
The TypeTogether team is working on yet another extension to the Adelle typographic system.
The next milestone in this project is a set of 14 condensed styles of the multi-award winning Adelle Sans.
We are very pleased to present our latest typeface Ebony.
Adelle Sans Ultra Thin. ">
It took us a while, but we eventually managed to put Adelle Sans on a strict diet and the results are great.
Take a look to the new Adelle Sans Ultra Thin.
2nd edition of TT's Typeface Publishing Incentive Program. Read more here


TypeTogether is commited to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether caters tailored type design for corporate use.We invite you to surf our library of retail fonts or contact us to discuss custom type design projects.
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January 2015

Como criar tipos: do esboço à tela

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TT Dublin & Munich 2015

Type in use: Tablet Gothic

As part of a recent redesign of the magazine GQ Mexico, Tablet Gothic, our grotesque sans serif, has been chosen by Spanish art director Diego Areso to be used in headlines, menus, pull-out texts…  See more images here

Soleil bio t-shirts

We are happy to present you with the first limited edition of TypeTogether t-shirts, featuring symbols from Wolfgang Homola’s Soleil typeface. These striking t-shirts are made from 100% fair-trade organic cotton, using a low carbon-footprint manufacturing process. Check out our website for further information about sizes, colours, prices and shipping.

Four hand typography


Karmina Cyrillic

We are very pleased to present Karmina Cyrillic, a commissioned addition to the Karmina type family. This new extension follows the convention of the Cyrillic script — with valuable feedback from Russian type designer Alexandra Korolkova — keeping the original characteristics of Karmina: strong legibility and economy of space whilst maintaining calligraphic roots.
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